Research and Development (R&D)
In order to maintain ISPRA’s position as a Global leader in non-lethal field, ISPRA dedicates a significant part of its resources to Research and Development. A key element of our R&D process involves sharing ideas with our clients and understanding the end-users needs. This cooperation often initiates the development process of a new product. Our Product Development Team includes ex-military and police experts with established crowd control experience as well chemist laboratory professionals. Together they work on improving our product line and develop the next generation of products to be used in the ever-changing world of crowd control.


ISPRA has been committed to implementing an environmental policy that meets the Environmental Management System requirements of ISO. We are constantly working towards the reduction of use of dangerous materials, by replacing them, to the maximum extent possible, with materials that are user, and environment, friendly. Our manufacturing division is constantly reviewing and implementing the appropriate technologies to reduce pollution during production processes. We have also implemented Environmental Management Program which includes training our employees and raising their awareness for environmental issues.
Quality Assurance
Our commitment to quality, which defines ISPRA since 1969, has won the trust and respect of customers worldwide. From extensive development processes to exhaustive field-testing and constant production optimization, top quality begins early on.
At ISPRA we have rigorous quality control procedures implemented throughout the entire manufacturing process. All of our production facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and comply with other strict international standards.

In 2007, ISPRA has moved its production activities to a new, state of the art, manufacturing site in the vicinity of Zichron Yaakov. Our new manufacturing facilities include production and assembly lines, secured storage facility, product testing sites and ISPRA’s Research and Development Center.
Our Quality assurance program starts at the early stages of production, inspecting and analyzing raw material, to make sure they do not deviate from set standards. Using the advantages of modern technology, samples are taken and tested. Before a client uses an ISPRA quality product, it will always have been personally examined and packed by one of our qualified employees. In addition, each order is randomly sampled and tested in our facilities before shipping.

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